Monday, 23 April 2007

Looking for clues at the right spot!

After a full day of hunting on Saturday, I am totally exhausted and even right now I can feel the effects of it up till now. Being it the first time participating in a treasure hunt, my tactic was that I drove because I felt that I had a good sense of direction and I needed my two other colleagues who had more treasure hunt experience to help solve the clues. In total, 4 of us left Kelana Jaya Seafood Center and ended up 8 hours later at Corus Hotel Port Dickson completely exhausted.

It doesn't really help that it starts at 7.00am and my trusty Toyota Vios has to travel around all day to ferry us around searching for the clues. The route brought us from Kelana Jaya to our first destination which was SS15 in Subang where we spent almost an hour looking for 3 clues. I guess it was rather difficult because no one managed to solve it in the end!

After SS15 we headed towards Kota Kemuning and then finally towards Nilai Utara. After taking a quick break at the Seremban R&R, and receiving the next set of questions, we headed towards the small town of Mambau and from there onwards the clues led us all the way to Port Dickson where we were greeted by a cool sea breeze and warm sand.

The weather was quite good with the exception of a little rain here and there but I managed to trot about on the beach with my camera and took a couple of random shots, some of the people in the area and others of my colleague who was just standing there.