Monday, 2 April 2007

3rd Generation Toyota Vios Advert

Check out this Toyota Vios advertisement. The car looks really cool and the style suits the new Toyota line-up. I wonder when Toyota might start selling this car here in Malaysia. Of course, even with my current Toyota Vios, I feel that the space within my car is rather limited especially since I am rather large and I sit with the seat moved all the way to the back.

Of course, the next car I wouldn't mind seeing here would be the new Toyota Altis, could it be the Toyota Axio which was launched in Japan last year or could it be the same one as the European Corolla. Who knows, who knows.

Corolla Axio: Image Source

European Corolla: Image Source

From the two images you can see a slight difference in the design. I wonder which one might arrive on our Malaysian shores.