Monday, 9 April 2007

Random Shot

Another day, another week at work and here I am, sitting and staring at my laptop screen wishing that the day will pass by soon. No meetings with the folks in Netherlands today because its the Easter holiday weekend for them (lucky guys got Friday and Monday off.....grrrrr). I need to be productive today, that is what I try to remind myself but here I am trying to listen to some songs on my Ipod and trying to concentrate.

The weekend went by pretty quickly and it was fairly productive. I've finished a book off my reading list and I can continue on the next book, well 3 other books in my list. Definitely been a long long time since I last went to Starbucks and chilled out with a book and a huge cup of mocha on the table. This time was a little different than the last time I did that, if I am not wrong, the last time I actually sat down at a Starbucks was during the time I visited Sydney. What a great way to chill out.

Anyway here is the review for the book I read. It was an interesting book, I learned quite a few important points in there and I would definitely recommend it to any of my friends. But unfortunately the copy I have with me is not mine so you might need to find one out there. The book mainly talks about the pitfalls on relationships (mainly for married people) and how it usually stems from the guys. Interestingly enough, I seemed to realize that it was completely true (ok guys, you can hang me but once you read it then you would be hanging right next to me).

A guy's action may seem to be fairly normal but it can mean a totally different thing to others. I felt as if my eyes were opened and a whole new thought process is being formulated right now. Of course issues mentioned in this book totally relates to married couples but why use it as a cure when you can actually read it to prevent simple mistakes from happening right? As a good doctor would say, prevention is better than cure.

Most importantly, I would recommend that when you read this book, read with an open mind and be ever ready for direct and hard hitting facts. Learn from it and think about the issues because sooner or later we might be in one of those situations and we wouldn't want to be caught off-guard right? A solid read, 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.


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Mark said...

Yeah mate, sometimes we may think so as well. Try reading the book and who knows, it may not even be anyone's fault.

Why is it that we always look straight for the fault when there is a need to patch things up?