Friday, 27 April 2007

My celebrities look alikes

It's rather interesting that I managed to find out about this funky site from Fun Fun. In a way it is quite funny because I resemble a number of celebrities whom I don't even know. Of course, thanks to Wikipedia, I can find out more about them.

Let's go through the list of celebrities and find out what do I have in common with them.

1) Jessica Harp
She plays the guitar and so do I but not in the same manner.

2) Gael Garcia Bernal
Well, being a Mexican actor, he dated Natalie Portman and I thought she was hot in Episode 1 of Star Wars.

3) Michelle Williams
Actress for Lassie, Baywatch and Home Improvement. I definitely watched those shows when I was growing up. So I guess the more you watch TV the more you end up looking like them.

4) David Beckham
The former footie captain for England, well I do use Brylcreem hair gel but I don't usually reapply it during half time of my futsal matches. Well I guess I do play a decent amount of football. to consider this the link.

5) Jesse McCartney
Interestingly enough I don't attract girls like him but I do love to sing.

6) Dieo Rivera
As a painter I consider him to be an artist and right now I am in the midst of learning how to paint, with my Nikon D40 that is.

7) Daphne Zuniga
This actress once stayed with Meg Ryan as they were trying to start their acting career. Can't find any links to her.

8) Anita Mui
The only Asian celebrity which so happens to be dead! A singer and a pop star, well the only thing I can remember is that I was listening to her songs while I was eating at the Malaysian Kopitiam in London and for the entire time I was there with my friends, her songs were playing on the CD player.

9) Victoria Beckham
Its weird enough that I look like her husband (yeah right, I am being rather positive about this) but to look like her as well? Now that is pretty weird. My only link to her other than me thinking that the Spice Girls were overrated is that I look like David Beckham hahaha. Want to see the Beckhams? Come over to PJ and we can meet :P