Tuesday, 17 April 2007

I tell you, no pork!

The past four days have been just absolutely wonderful for me because I managed to get a break off work and headed down to Singapore with Boon for a short holiday. If you asked me what the purpose of my trip is, I would say, it was just to chill out and relax and most importantly, eat some pork!

Instead of the usual shopping which people head down to Singapore for, I hardly looked at any gadget stuff (including the Nike+ Ipod running thing which I wanted to get) as well as looked at any shops selling computer stuff or guitars. What I ended up doing was visiting several restaurants such as Marche's and Tony Roma's and of course other shopping complexes as well other than the ones that I've visited previously.

If you are asking me why I would head all the way down to Singapore just to eat at those places especially since Marche is found at the Curve and Tony Roma's at Sunway Pyramid, I would just say that I wanted to eat pork!

Yup that is right, pork sausages with rosti at Marche's (although I wanted to eat the roasted pork knuckles but by the time I saw it, I already had my pork sausages) and roasted pork ribs at Tony Roma's. Price was no object and I believed it was worth every cent I paid. Finger licking good! Absolutely delicious and the servings were way bigger than I expected. The Marche's over there had more variety and the place was packed, I had to line up for about an hour before I could get a table there.

The trip was a great way to just relax and forget about things. Shopping was definitely on my to-do list and after trotting about in my old worn out shoes, I knew I needed a new pair. So I headed over to Queensway to get myself a pair of walking shoes. The best part about the last four days was that I received a nice hand made silk tie which made me extremely happy.

Will definitely blog more about it and post up some photos. If only my computer at home didn't take so long to edit a single photo, I think I would have posted more photos. So please, if only I can get a gazillion people to click on my Google Ads, I guess I could get my new computer pretty soon.

Funny quote of the day:
Boon: I get darn scared when my boss sings Justin Timberlake
Me: *slaps forehead with my hand