Thursday, 16 June 2005

From hugs to sandwiches

After visiting this particular site and reading through it's contents, I just don't know how to react. Should I laugh, should I feel sorry or should I just leave a compassionate note. The ever doubting side of me will think that it's just rubbish and some of the people there just post to have fun but lets think of it this way, its a way for people to just throw out their frustrations, expose every skeleton in their closet and just let it out of their minds to feel that moment of relief knowing that your identity is kept secret. Which then leads me to believe that some of them are actually hoaxes made by people who have plenty of time.

But I really do feel the pain some of them go through, I really do...

Thanks to Dinghy, I have made it a personal target to eat a sandwich like this.


gRaCeY said...

She got her nude pics down coz her parents found out about it.It's in the paper today.

Mavik said...

Oh well, its better for everyone I guess.