Wednesday, 8 June 2005

Jam? Strawberry, blueberry or traffic?

Everyday while I drive to work and back from work, I pass through the same route everyday. I pay the same amount of toll everyday, which is about RM4.20 both ways. Sometimes I take a shortcut that saves me RM0.50 but wastes about 20 minutes of my time due to long waits in front of the traffic light. Now if only I could just teleport directly straight to work, no hassles, no jam and no travelling expenses, well almost nothing. I bet the whole irony of it is that maybe the teleporter needs anti-matter to run or something like that. But look at it this way, we made the world smaller by allowing everyone easy access to almost anywhere in the world.

Well airline companies will go bust and Boeing and Airbus will probably be banding together. Oil and gas companies will go bust as well and this will definitely cause a worldwide turmoil. That is why this has to be only kept for me to use alone. I can wake up like 15mins before work and always arrive home directly after work. No more wasting precious time moving around. Then again back in the middle ages, people took about a couple of months to travel around in what we can do now in a couple of hours.

Anyhow, no matter how much I look at the jam and complain, I have to be thankful that, one, I am not working in KL where the jam is much worse. Two, I am not working in Bangkok where the jam is even crazier and finally, things could be even worse, I don't drive and have to rely on busses. So as always, I am back to square one thinking that jams are in some ways bearable. The next time you start to think about traffic jams, just remember that things could be worse.