Thursday, 9 June 2005

"The roof, the roof is on fire....."

After spending almost an entire year staying at university student accommodations, I have grown accustomed to waking up at the wee hours in the morning thanks to the blaring fire alarm located on the wall in my small private room. The sound would drown about anything, oh I can still hear the ringing in my ears. The cause? Students who cook bacon without leaving some sort of window or door opened. The victims? Everyone else in the building and of course the firemen who had to rush all the way to my humble flats. I think my worst experience was when I had exams the next morning and the fire alarm rang at about 3am.

Anyway before straying away from the main point, I had my first fire drill here at work. Well in true honesty I didn't know it was a drill. All I heard was a loud voice shouting over the PA system saying that there was an uncontrollable fire. Only did I know this was a drill when we were gathering at the car park and my colleague pointed out to me that there were auditors there. Oh the shame, oh the shame. It was a good experience though, but it did get me thinking that how lucky I was that it wasn't a real fire.

I also started reading a novel containing short stories by Jeffrey Archer. That I have to thank my darling for lending me the book and preventing me from sleeping early. How thankful I am to you haha :P (not being so extremely sarcastic).