Monday, 13 June 2005

Weekend bomb

Well in true honesty the weekend wasn't a bomb. I played tennis on Saturday morning for the first time in like almost 4 months and prior to that, 12 years. My form was extremely horrible and my racket weighs a tonne. What more could you ask from me? At least I don't hit the ball completely out of the court though hehe.

Sunway Pyramid was completely jam packed with the parking lots closing at about 3pm. The crowds were never ending and the place looked so lively and crammed. With Pyramid 2 set to open in 2007, I just can't wait to see how it will turn out. 1 Utama on the other hand seems much quieter and lonely especially the new wing. But wait, once the new GSC cinema opens I can expect to see more people frequenting the new wing.

A particular blog about a Singaporean girl was published in the Sunday star which caused quite a ruckus amongst the online community. So much that it actually reached Malaysian soil. Anyhow I will not put the link up to the website due to its "contents".

Saturday night was pretty interesting as I had my first company annual dinner at the Sunway Convention centre. The place was packed out and the food wasn't too bad. And no, I did not pig out. The wait was on the other hand quite rude and obnoxious. Before our table could finish the food on the table, he would take the tray away without asking anyone wasting good food on it. Entertainment wise was pretty ok, the emcee was superbly hilarious that everyone now has a new catch phrase which he uses the whole entire night, "meletup!".

In a nutshell, the weekend was da bomb as I managed to spend it with some special people on Sunday and the sermon preached by Ps Foo was so real and great. It really grabs a person by the heart and yanks on it.

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