Friday, 3 June 2005

Hot, hot and hot!

Today is an exceptionally hot day. Worse still, the air conditioning in my office dieded as well. Sigh now I am sitting here after a nice KFC lunch (air conditioned, yay!) sweating like a pig (according to Sam my colleague, pigs do not sweat), waiting for my meeting to start in the nice cool studio aircon. Oh well, for once I am thankful for my uniform, its rather cooling if compared to the usual work clothes such as long sleeve shirt and tie.

Went to Bom Brazil again last night at Jalan Changkat, near Jalan Alor. Ate meat like there was no tomorrow and now I am officially sick of beef. Too much rare beef can really make you sick. The company was great, managed to catch up with some good old friends whom I haven't seen or eaten together with in a long while.

Alright, lunch hour is over. Time to head somewhere cooler, maybe I might migrate there.