Monday, 6 June 2005

Monday, woohoo!

Ever wondered why Mondays are nice to sleep in and Friday nights seem to be the time you are most awake? I always wondered about the Monday blues, whether it be psycological or is it that our bodies seem to be allergic to work. One of my own dream is to actually not dread Mondays, but it seems to be what everyone wants. Everyone wants to work at a place whereby every morning, getting up is no longer a chore. But could it all be in our own mindsets. A job is only boring if we think that it is boring. Its always all up to us whether we want to make it fun and happening or rather just tearfully boring and mindless. Sometimes we look at other people and wished that we had their jobs, but the grass always seem greener on the otherside.

After all I have written above, I would like to say that Saturdays and Sundays pass by extremely fast. Before you know it, time has passed on and what you see is another reoccurance of what happened the week before, the dreaded Monday. You always seem to have too little time to do the things you want to do and when you have a task which you hate, time just seem to stand still. Everytime that happens, I just wonder if there is someone on some hill holding up a stick, not letting the sun go down.

One can just imagine the week to be a mountain, the start is always difficult for the climb is not easy. But once you slowly reach the peak, things seem easier because you see hope reaching you and once you are at the peak its all the way downhill from here. Some people see the week as an airport runway, nothing but stable flat ground throughout. Others may think its a bed of spikes, sudden sharp pains poking at you unknowingly. How then do we quantify what this is that we face until the end of our lives? Imagine if everyone felt positive and glad about what they do, there won't be any mountains nor airport runways. I tell you, its a bed of roses.