Wednesday, 15 June 2005

Oh glorious food...

After being pointed out by my boss that I am overweight, it seems that I have to step up my weight loss efforts. So I went to the gym on Monday night and sad to say that all of the cardio machines (threadmills, cycling machines, etc..etc..) were out of order. Either that or they were being checked or undergoing maintenance. So there goes my cardio work out but tucked away in a little area are the row machines, which were totally unaffected and fully operational. Minutes go by and I was already working up a sweat, once I completed rowing 1.5km in about 7 minutes, I decided that I shall add rowing into my exercise regime and try to hit 1.5km in about 6 minutes.

Food-wise I had to cut down on my favourite breakfast food such as fried noodles or nasi lemak or roti canai. So much for a great Malaysian breakfast every morning. Now I am stuck with buns or fruits but the mini mart sells really horrible fruits. Yesterday I bought two honeydews and much to my dismay, one of them was already bad. Sigh, I have such a bad impression on their fruits. Today I bought some Jacob crackers and munched on a couple of them. I think I shall eat more of those, they taste exceptional especially when dipped in hot tea or coffee.

On Sunday I had a CYZ camp committee meeting and Uncle See Lok gave us a taste of what’s to come during the camp and I must say that it is extremely interesting and I believe that the camp is not going to be like any other camp. I have extremely high expectations for the camp, I am going to go with a receiving heart.

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gRaCeY said...

Oh, poor more nice foody! *smile* LOL!