Thursday, 30 June 2005

s h o r t & s i m p l e

Just a short update today, I have added in a couple of images such as the one above this post as well as added in a link to support the cause of having proper pathways for disabled people who uses wheelchairs in buildings. I also added in a Liverpool logo so that I can actually try to brainwash some of you in to supporting Liverpool, the greatest team in Europe.

The huge gap is still irritating the hell out of me but it seems to be a Firefox symptom. Well for all of you Internet Explorer users, you won't see the gap. For others, heh, I have no idea how to fix it.

Oh yeah, my desk at work has been invaded by ants! Well its partially my fault that they started crawling all the way to my empty container which used to contain watermelons which I ate for lunch. Spent a good 10minutes trying to wipe them away. Any more disturbances from them and I will be forced to use my soldering irons!

Burn ants, burn!!

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dinghy said...

Lol, the wonders of technology. Gone are the days when kids used magnifying glasses. :P