Monday, 27 June 2005

Monday Mornings!

Its a beautiful Monday today although marred by a series of incidences but God is good all the time because as I look back and reflect, things could have been much much worse. Is it too early for me to actually say that I won't be facing the usual Monday blues faced by other individuals other than myself? Or is it too optimistic of me? Well it doesn't matter about me because I know that God is always constant.

I learned a lot over the past 3 days at the HeartCore Youthcamp in Port Dickson. Its unlike any other youth camp I have attended and the sessions were just top notch. Everything was so practical and relevant. So many things to do and so many changes to make, that is how I would sum up my weekend.

Again I go back to my original phrase and title, No more Monday blues. Why is that? Is it because I love my job that I would wake up every morning without a single complaint about lack of sleep? Or is it because I get to eat great food (being extremely sarcastic) or getting to drive about 30km to work in the morning? No, the real reason lies somewhere out of work. It lies in my heart and myself. Not my attitude or thinking or character but something much more important. It all lies in my faith.

Lets not forget the days between Sundays.

Ministry starts on Monday!