Tuesday, 7 June 2005

Not so hot anymore!

After spending days sweat at the office, I can finally feel the cool breeze of the working air conditioner. Coupled together with about hundreds of other electronic equipment turned on at the same time, having an air con just doesn't seem to cut it anymore. So I had to take preventive measures, measures that will save my insanity. How? Well I just brought my computer case fans to work and hooked it up to my DC regulator and voila, instant cooling solutions. Right now its only a 12V 80mm fan hooked up at 16V to turn faster. I have another one with a higher CFM waiting to be turned on but I am afraid that the sound it emanates might bother my other colleagues. Maybe I should hook up a bigger fan instead, lower RPM but higher CFM.

Well today is gym day and The Curve started charging for parking so I guess its Menara Axis for me today. Unless my colleagues choose Summit or Subang then I'll just follow them. Never been to the one in Summit or to the one in Subang before but this is what having a passport membership is all about. I hope they are showing something nice today while I am on the cycling machine.

Finally finished playing KOTOR 2 as well, what can I say about the ending? It sucks. Oh well, sometimes I wonder what they whole entire game is about anyway. Maybe its because I took too long to finish the game. And in the course of uninstalling the game, I accidentally deleted every other game folder in my computer as well so my computer is game free, well almost game free.

TV series season has just ended and I have to wait a couple more months before the US TV series kicks off their new season. I wonder if Nip/Tuck will be showing this season.