Friday, 10 June 2005

Good Friday!

Friday always seems to be the busiest day at work. The very thought of being able to escape the confinements of the factory to feast on what I call decent food ponders on my mind from the very beginning of the day. It is the only day whereby my tongue can actually taste something else besides oily fried food and of course most importantly, pork. As usual I would head out with my colleagues to Sri Muda to feast on some good old coffee shop food such as the usual chicken rice, noodles, and others. Friday after Friday, I come to notice the slight price increase in food compared to other eating places such as the NTS coffeeshop located opposite to the one we usually eat at charges about 10 cents more on drinks. While "chap fan" or how should we say economy rice is supposedly the cheapest among the others, it has now become on of the most expensive. Not too economical I would say, and I do agree that the change in name to "Mixed Rice" really does serve its purpose.

Most of my Friday nights are tied up with cell group and once every month, congregation. My cell is a truly fun bunch, I got a mixed-up group of crazy college kids who loves nothing more but chit chat at the mamak. On the other hand, they have a great heart for God and they are willing to do almost anything.

To sleep early on a Friday night is usually the case for me since I have to wake up early for my mandarin class the next morning. Can't really say that I am progressing fast on my mandarin, need to allocate more time for personal reading and practice but I am rather excited about the tennis session tomorrow morning with my colleagues. I would really love to see how my tennis strokes are holding up as well as maybe try to stroke my over-inflated male ego as I "try" to win a game or two. Lets hope my nighttime Diablo session doesn't interfere with my so-called "form".