Friday, 24 June 2005

On my way to the beach!

Just went to to sign the declaration to help eliminate poverty around the world. This is a little snippet they will send to you once you sign up at their webpage.

Thank you for taking action withONE: The Campaign to Make Poverty History. Your voice DOES make a difference!

But there is still more you can do to help get the word out:

Please help us tell your friends and family about The ONE Campaign and how they too can lend their voice to help beat global AIDS and poverty.

Tell them to sign the declaration now at ONE by ONE, we can make the difference.

So why not just head over there and fill in a very short and simple form that will only take you less than a minute. Why not just help prevent poverty around the world?

Will be heading down to Port Dickson tonight for the weekend to attend the CYZ Youth Camp. Can't wait to attend the sessions. Hope there isn't any traffic congestions on the way to Port Dickson. Actually I am more worried about finding the place. I remember very vaguely about the Methodist Centre in PD. All I know is that it is not directly next to a beach or something like that. Really confused now thanks to going to different camp sites in PD.

Bah, I am going to get lost...